Avg official website is the online portal from where you can download and install avg with license number, complete avg retail registration. To use avg products, thei activation is required with the avg activation code. AVG security includes multiple device protection from online threats as well as from offline viruses. Secure your devices with avg products.

Download avg in 3 easy steps

  1. Open browser and type avg.com/retail
  2. Enter avg activation code
  3. Download and install avg ultimate

Where to find avg activation code?

If you have purchased AVG in offline mode, then you can see avg license number on avg retail card. Once you get the retail card, check its flipside for activation code XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. In case of online purchase, check your email and copy the code to paste on the avg.com activation webpage.
Avg activation code is required to download, install and activate avg retail antivirus.

Steps to redeem avg activation code

  1. Scratch the backside of avg retail card to find the AVG license key
    • check your email (if you bought it online)
  2. Go to the link written on retail card - Avg.com retail
  3. Enter avg activation code
  4. Click on “confirm code” button to redeem the AVG activation code.
  5. Create or sign in to avg account

How to create avg account?

  1. Open your browser and type: Avg.com
  2. AVG Account page and open the login page
  3. Click on register button
  4. Fill the information: email, password etc.
  5. Click on "Create new account" button
  6. Click on continue

Process to download and install avg wih license key

  1. Open web browser and type: avg.com retail
  2. Enter avg license key or activation code
    • Clicl on confirm code
    • By clicking "Confirm code" you confirm that you've read and agree to the Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement.
  3. Login to your avg account using email and password
  4. Select your avg product and click on "Download AVG" button
    • Avg retail file will get downloaded in few minutes
    • Check the downloads folder to see avg setup file
  5. Once the file gets downloaded, install avg antivirus
    • Double click on downloaded file to run the setup
    • Click agree on terms and condition
    • Enter the avg activation code and finish the installation
  6. Avg retail is installed, now you can restart your device

Steps to activate avg antivirus

  1. Open avg software in your device
  2. In the menu select "subscription" tab
  3. Submit avg license number
  4. Click on activate button